JM2PC - Java Mobile to PC

JM2PC is a free and open source software. To start using the JM2PC you first need to download and install both JM2PC Client (or JM2PC BT Client for bluetooth connections) and JM2PC Server. The client is installed in the mobile phone and the server in a desktop or laptop computer. They communicate themselves through the Internet or Bluetooth connection and allow the remote control of the computer. Get it now for FREE.

System Requirements:

  • JM2PC Server: A desktop or laptop computer with Java (JRE) version 6 or superior. You can download it here.
  • JM2PC Client: A mobile phone that's support Java applications MIDP 2.0 (and JSR-82 for bluetooth - JM2PC BT Client)


Support This Project

Donations will be dedicated to JM2PC evolution. Thank you.

JM2PC is a FREE and OPEN SOURCE software distributed under the terms of the GNU/GPL License.

Source code for this project is available as Subversion SCM repository used by the project, as accessible from the project summary page.
Developers, to join this project, please contact the project administrators of this project, as shown on the project summary page.

Video Demonstration

Remote control your desktop or laptop computer with any Java powered phone. Access and edit your files, start and stop applications, control your mouse, keyboard and another devices. Get it now for FREE.